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battleREP's WEBSITE's purpose is to establish community among like-minded individuals who enjoy following the hip hop battle leagues and for users to share their ideas and views. By accessing this site you are agreeing to the site's Site Guidelines, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. These rules are a basic (and a simplified) guideline for behavior on Any attempts to disrupt the flow of community on our website will result in having your privileges revoked and your account can potentially be blocked or deleted to avoid any further misconduct. The following is a list of rules for battleREP website. If you intend to participate on our website, we'll expect you to follow them explicitly. Anyone noticing any violation of these rules can simply use the "Report" link below the violating post to alert battleREP's staff.

WE DO NOT ALLOW DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR: We can understand in the nature of the community we are trying to promote a difference in opinions/ideas can come about, resulting in external conflict (not related to You must understand everything you as an individual user conduct/present on this website is always an individual representation of your activity on this website. We ask that all external conflict be resolved out side the website. No derogatory remarks or behavior in a hostile manner is allowed on this website. Any such actions undertaken on will be banned and labeled as forbidden activity on our website. That being said a healthy/open and above all FRIENDLY discussion is more than welcome to talk about issues that can arise from the community. However and it's staff will not be involved in any external conflicts and asks not to provide any unhealthy views on the manner unless under the understanding that they as an individual are ultimately responsible for their view and manner conducted on the web site. If a staff/administrator witness your account behaving in such a manner it could result in your account and services being terminated or suspended for undisclosed amount of time. asks our users & visitors not to ask us, our staff, advertisers and sponsors for support in your external conflict.

NO SPAM: We do not tolerate the posting of any advertising or solicitation on our message boards. There are locations on the site to share your links for outside interests however if they are unrelated to the forum they maybe removed. (for example  Offenders will have their posting privileges suspended and their accounts blocked to avoid further infractions.

NO PORN: There's plenty of spots on the web to check out porn, this isn't one of them. Keep porn off our website and forums!

DON'T BE A TROLL: Simple! Don't take part in this site's forums/comments/discussions, acting in a deliberately offensive/disruptive manner. This is our house, and though we open it up to the general public, we still reserve the right to kick out people that act like pricks.

 STAY ON POINT: We've pretty much created a separate categories for every type of discussion, so make sure you post to the appropriate place. Additionally, try and use informative subjects lines for new threads. Besides being helpful, it shows you're not a new jack when it comes to message boards

READ THE FAQ & HELP SECTIONS: Take a moment to read the FAQ sections before you go and start posting questions or emailing the moderators. If the answer isn't in the Forum How To Section, take a moment to search through old threads, cause chances are it's been asked a about before. There aren't enough hours in the day to respond to every inquiry so replies won't be given to obvious answers.

PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK: We maintain this website and all it's features including our message board. It's not our full time jobs to moderate or handle every request, so if you don't get an immediate response to a post or email, understand that we'll get to it as soon as we can. There aren't enough hours in the day to respond to every email we get, or to fix every issue that comes up, but we'll do what we can to help you out if you remain patient and polite.

The administrators of battleREP Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.