Pledge is all about supporting the community. After expenses which include, Development Costs, Hosting and Promotional Material we will invest back into the community.

Money earned from battleREP through Advertising/Sales/Sponsorships is to truly to support the community and insure the sites longevity. There will be no needless greed or money grab from us. We also plan to and will clearly state what we have supported throughout the battle community.

battleREP will not be bias when sponsoring a League or an Artist (to the best of our abilities). We welcome all leagues and battlers evenly and with our full support.

The site actually costs an arm and a leg per year to host (before any development costs). Much more expensive than your average site because we host a vast amount of information. This price is set to increase as demand will need a better hosting solution. This excludes other costs to enhance features on the site which are expensive to implement due to some of our complex and unique needs. However these are considered necessity for their importance on the website to help improve our services and interaction with promoters, battlers and fans alike.

A work in progress, will never be concidered complete, even if we had every stat and every feature working on the site, it would still be a work in progress, as battles happen every weekend, go check em out, buy their merch, cds and etc. Do your part to keep them going and we'll hold up our end or the deal.